Below are common questions E-3 Visa applicants ask:

How Long Does it Take to Get an E-3 Visa?

Generally 3-4 weeks if the Pilot has a valid passport, academic documents (diploma and 4 years official university transcripts), all of the licenses required by the airlines, a job description stating a 4 year degree is required for the pilot job, and certain documents signed by the employer.

How Long Is Each E-3 Visa Valid?

24 months.

What if the Pilot Does Not Have 4 Years of University Coursework?

It is not unusual for an Australian Bachelor's Degree to be granted after only three years of university coursework.

There is a possibility than an American expert can issue an "Expert Opinion" letter stating that the Pilot's work experience is equivalent to university coursework. Three years of full time work experience is normally equal to one year of university coursework.

What if the airline does not require that all job candidates possess a 4 year Bachelor's Degree?

In order to qualify for the E-3 Visa, the airline would have to change its policies and require that ALL job candidates (American and foreign) possess a 4 year Bachelor's Degree.