Airline Criteria for E-3 Visa

  • Job Description must require 4 year university Bachelor's Degree in aviation, aeronautics,  aeronautical science, or related field (or equivalent) for ALL job candidates whether they are American or foreign; AND,
  • Salary must meet prevailing wage for geographic areas where Pilot will work; AND,
  • Pilot must be paid as W-2 employee (part time or full time).
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Pilot Criteria for E-3 Visa

  • Must hold 4 year university Bachelor's Degree (sometimes called "Certificate") in aviation, aeronautics, aeronautical science, or equivalent; AND,
  • Must possess 4 years university transcripts (official list of classes and grades) or equivalent; AND,
  • Must possess all licenses required by airline to perform the job.
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How to Get E-3 Visa

  • Retain the legal services of an American Immigration Attorney;
  • Attorney prepares the paperwork for the Airline to sign; AND,
  • Attorney guides the Pilot in gathering documents to collect and making the appointment for the E-3 Visa at the USA Embassy.
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What's Next?

The next step is to email Danielle Nelisse with a request to pre-screen your case for E-3 Visa eligibility.